New Publication - The UK Government Spending Ratio: Will it Return to the 1930s?

Public spending will be at levels of Gordon Brown, says Politeia's new economic spending analysis.

As the debate over 1930s spending ratios looks set to dominate the New Year’s political debate, Politeia’s  analysis by the economist, David B. Smith*, considers what the figures for public spending really are.

The Separation of Powers

The Separation of Powers

Sir Stephen Sedley


Wednesday 14th January, 6.30-7.30pm
Army and Navy Club, 36-39 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5JN


On 14th January 2015, Politeia's new series with BPP University A Free Society Under the Rule of Law, will be addressed by Sir Stephen Sedleyon ​The Separation of Powers.  

Montesquieu's remark that without separation of the state's powers there would be 'an end of everything' may have been an overstatement, but it contained an important truth. The separation of powers in the British state, while it has long and deep historical roots, is not a fixed set of relationships and may today be under critical pressure

Publication - Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice

Simon Reevell MP, Professor John Howson and Stanley Brodie QC

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Publication Launch 20th October 2014, 12 noon

As the political parties prepare for the 2015 general election, much work still remains in restoring the public finances, and another round of cuts is inevitable. In the case of justice, the authors of Magistrates Work! explain how savings can be made and the principles governing the operation of a fair justice system can be protected. 

The co-authors, Simon Reevell MP, Professor John Howson and Stanley Brodie QC, take stock of the recent closure of the magistrates’ courts, cut from 330 courts in 2009 to 240 in 2014. The consequences have been lamentable.

Publication - Zero Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation by Martin Howe QC

EULaunched at a special meeting in Birmingham with Martin Howe QC, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Dominic Grieve MP on 30th September 2014.

The Prime Minister has called for a renegotiation of Britain's relationship with Europe, and all the main parties are committed to EU reform.

This week, Politeia published Zero Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation by leading EU lawyer and government legal adviser, Martin Howe QC. As author of Politeia's Safeguarding Sovereignty, Mr Howe inspired the European Union Act 2011. Howe's latest proposals have the potential to redefine the terms of Britain's EU debate.

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Here Is The City's coverage of the pamphlet gives an extensive review of Howe's thesis.

July 2014 Event: The Long - Term Economic Plan with The Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP

On Tuesday 1st July, The Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Minister of State for Government Policy gave the Politeia's Summer Address: The Long-Term Economic Plan

As Britain’s economy begins to recover, there are questions about the long term direction of economic policy.

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