About Politeia

Politeia was established in 1995 as a forum for social and economic thinking. Its aim is to encourage reflection, discussion and debate about the place of the state in the daily lives of men and women across the range of issues which affect them, from employment and tax to education, health and pensions. We produce publications and host talks on such issues as:

  • Tax and public spending: What are the right levels for a flourishing economy?
  • The potential consequences of the Euro or the European constitution for British social and economic policy, employment, taxation and trade
  • International comparisons of educational standards
  • Policies for high employment: the role of the state, the employer and the employee
  • Covering for lost income: health, long term care, pensions and unemployment
  • Welfare reform, pensions and benefits: A fairer framework for incentive
  • Constitutional change and stability
  • Home Affairs? Tackling crime effectively
  • Healthcare systems for the future

We commission as authors and contributors some of the most distinguished national and international specialists in the full range of policy areas. We judge our success by the quality of our publications and conferences and by the impact they have. Our latest successes are listed under 'Politeia in Action' on the front page http://politeia.co.uk/index.html

We aim to run one of the most efficient think tanks in the UK so that the funds we raise are used for our central activity of informing the wider policy debate. Our in-house team consists of full-time and part-time employees and is supported by a number of external consultant advisers and specialists.