Press Coverage of Martin Howe QC's pamphlet on Zero-Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation

Poltieia launched Martin Howe's QC new Pamphlet on Zero-Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation at a special event at the Cosnervative Party Conference.


Here are some of the press reports generated by the publication:

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Press Coverage of Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice.

Politeia launched its latest pamphlet Magistrates Work! Restoring Local Justice on 20th October at a meeting in the Carlton Club.


Here are some of the press reports generated by the pamphlet:


Coverage of Dinah Rose QC'S Human Rights Act lecture

On Tuesday 28th October, Dinah Rose QC, leading Human Rights lawyers, addressed Politeia on What's the Point o fthe HUman Rights Act? David Davis MP gave a short response from the point of view of a Conservative MP.

Here are some of the reports of the meeting:

Press Collage Including:


Coverage of Chris Daykin's Pensions Lecture

In the Financial Times:

Pension reform driven by desire for tax take, says senior actuary

July 6, 2014 6:17 pm

By Josephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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Press Coverage of The Hon. Nick Sherry's speech on The Australian Pension System: Are there lessons for the UK?

On Monday 19th May 2014, The Hon Nick Sherry addressed Politeia on lessons for the UK from the Australian Pension system, was part of our 2014 series on Paying for the Future: Contributory or Tax Funded Systems.

Here is the coverage for the event:

The Times

End pension tax relief? Let's consider it

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