Press Coverage of Dominic Grieve's speech on Trial by Jury

The Attorney General for England and Wales, the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, delievered Politeia's Winter Address, What Future for Trial by Jury? on Wednesday 11th December, discussing the future of the jury system in England and Wales. Here is some of the press coverage:


The Guardian

Internet age should not undermine our jury system, says Dominic Grieve

Press Coverage of Latin GCSE Curriculum Debate

Politeia published Latin for Language Lovers: Ancient Languages, the New Curriculum and GCSE on Monday 16th September as part of ongoing efforts to promote the teaching of Latin in schools. Here is some of the coverage:


The Independent

Put Latin on National Curriculum, Michael Gove Told

The Times

Call to Keep Latin on Curriculum 

Daily Telegraph

The Tragic Dumbing Down of Latin in Our Schools

Press Coverage of Frank Field's Welfare Reform Proposals

Politeia launched Working Welfare: Contributory Benefits, the Moral Economy and the New Politics on Wednesday 11th September as part of its 2013-2014 Series, Paying for the Future: Contribution not Redistribution. Here is some of the press coverage:


Daily Telegraph

Ignorance of Finances Has Cost Us Dear


Time's Up for Today's Welfare State

Press coverage of the Solicitor General's address to Politeia

On 11th June, the Solicitor General Oliver Heald QC MP addressed Politeia on Modern Day Slavery: How can we stop the traffic? Here is a selection of press coverage of the address.


The Times

Trafficking Victims Must Be Protected From Prosecution

The Guardian

Too Many Human Traffickers Escape Justice in the UK, Says Solicitor General

London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association

Trafficking victims must be protected from prosecution

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