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Politeia Event on 'Brexit Britain: What should the legal and trade priorities be?' 12th July, 2016


Martin Howe QC, John Redwood MP, Christopher Chope MP, Sheila Lawlor Director Politeia


Politeia Event on 'Legal Aid: Its role in an effective justice system' September 14th 2016


Shailesh Vara MP, Hugh Barrett and Peter Crisp.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor

Politeia Event on 'Who Should Rule Britain?' 15th June 2016


Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Chris Cope MP, Professor David Abulafia and John Baron MP.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor

Politeia Debate on 'The Single Market or Free Markets: What's best for Britain?' 23rd May 2016


Rt Hon John Redwood MP, Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP and Professor Patrick Minford.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor


Debate on 'Stable, Secure, Prosperous and Free: What's best for Britain in a Global World' 9th June 2016

With Rt Hon Mark Francois MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, and Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor.

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