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Politeia Event on 'Legal Aid: Its role in an effective justice system'


Shailesh Vara MP, Hugh Barrett and Peter Crisp.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor

Politeia Event on 'Who Should Rule Britain?' 15th June 2016


Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Chris Cope MP, Professor David Abulafia and John Baron MP.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor

Politeia Debate on 'The Single Market or Free Markets: What's best for Britain?' 23rd May 2016


Rt Hon John Redwood MP, Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP and Professor Patrick Minford.

Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor


Debate on 'Stable, Secure, Prosperous and Free: What's best for Britain in a Global World' 9th June 2016

With Rt Hon Mark Francois MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, and Chairing: Dr Sheila Lawlor.

Sheila Lawlor discusses John McDonnell's Party Conference Speech on Jeremy Vine

Listen to Politeia's Director, Dr Sheila Lawlor, discuss and analyse John McDonnell's first Labour Party Conference Speech as Shadow Chancellor with Ann Pettifor of PRIME Economics. From 01:14:20 to 01:22:00.

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