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Sheila Lawlor discusses John McDonnell's Party Conference Speech on Jeremy Vine

Listen to Politeia's Director, Dr Sheila Lawlor, discuss and analyse John McDonnell's first Labour Party Conference Speech as Shadow Chancellor with Ann Pettifor of PRIME Economics. From 01:14:20 to 01:22:00.

Sheila Lawlor discusses 'Britain and the EU' on BBC 5 Live

On Monday 8th June 2015, Dr Sheila Lawlor, appeared on the Afternoon Edition on BBC Radio 5 Live, to discuss Britain’s renegotiation process with the European Union focusing on the 5 Principles set out by the prime minister, David Cameron in his Bloomberg Speech in 2013. You can listen to the discussion from minute 17:45 to 25:30

Sheila Lawlor on the British general election

Dr Sheila Lawlor, Politeia's Director, appeared on Ari Shapiro's report on the British General election for NPR, which was broadcast in America on April 4th. 

Dr Lawlor said 'For the first time, the parties seem all to have the same policies on the big matters. They know we need to cut the national debt. The only difference is how fast, how quickly.'

'Colourful Fringe Candidates Vie for Prominence in UK Election', Ari Shapiro, NPR, 4th April. 

Martin Howe QC discusses Human Rights reform

Politeia author, Martin Howe QC, discusses Conservative proposals to reform Human Rights legislation on Radio 4's Unreliable Evidence. Martin's latest Poltieia pamphlet is 'Zero-Plus: The Principles of EU Renegotiation'.

You can listen to the show here.

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