Benefits and Social Security

Recent Publication- Working Welfare: Contributory Benefits, the Moral Economy and the New Politics

Frank Field

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The Coalition’s welfare reforms aim to ensure that working people earn more than those on benefit and that unemployed people can find and keep a job. These are widely welcomed. But, says Frank Field MP, the Labour Member of Parliament for Birkenhead, more radical change is needed if the system is to be effective, affordable and also fair.

In Working Welfare: Contributory Benefits, the Moral Economy and the New Politics, Mr Field, a former minister for Welfare Reform and Chairman of Parliament’s Social Security Select Committee, says if welfare is to work, thecontributory insurance principle must be restored to the National Insurance System. Contributors and tax payers should own their individual ‘pots’ and new mutual societies should run the system on their behalf.

Working Lives: Making Welfare Work

Chris Grayling 

September 2011
In one of its most radical policies, the government is to use public money to pay cash bounties to private providers for helping the unemployed get back to work. Employment Minister Chris Grayling sets out the policy in Politeia's lastest publication.

How to Tackle Unemployment!

On Tuesday 17th May the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Minister of State for Employment, will set out the Coalition's policy for reform designed to tackle the failures of the benefits system and the culture of dependency, against the background of the UK's need to cut the deficit.

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The Benefits Debate

Back to Beveridge or Welfare Will Go Bust: Standpoint Magazine 01/01/2011

Politeia's director warns that the Coalition plan to reform benefits may need to go further. Unless the Beveridge principles are restored, there will be no incentive to pay our way.


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Working to Account? Social Security Without Dependency

Peter Birch Sørensen & Arij Lans Bovenberg
January 2008

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