Little Ed Riding Hood?

Friday 4th July 2014: Little Ed Riding Hood? Ed Miliband’s new, apparently growth-friendly policies are a disguise for dangerous, failed red politics and red economics, writes Dr Sheila Lawlor.

Labour stepped up its campaign this week with two big ideas to woo voters and business. The idea appears to be that despite the red economics the party is now championing, it does want economic growth and prosperity and has a plan to get it.

Safer NHS Wards? Going Digital May Bring Better Patient Care

Friday 27th June 2014: The NHS is once again in the news with the publication of a list of hospitals with a “poor” rating for honesty. Dr Tony Hockley suggests that NHS trusts may benefit from a strong dose of transparent and greater ​use of digital data.

This week the NHS has again been in the news. A list of hospitals with a "poor" rating for honesty about safety was published as a new investigation into NHS whistle blowing under Sir Robert Francis was announced. This will be part of the bigger drive for NHS transparency under which hospitals are to receive better ratings for being honest about how well (or badly) they are doing on a number of measures.  It reflects the growing concerns about the treatment of staff who try to raise the alarm on safety risks. The spotlight therefore is now on one of the most serious gaps in the system – the lack of accurate data for the NHS, without which it would be difficult to improve things for patients and without which there will be little real transparency.  

Laws Against Grammar Schools -  Misguided Class Warfare

Friday 20th June 2014: Education ministers are set to make grammar schools less academically selective by insisting they admit more pupils on the basis of social disadvantage. Dr Sheila Lawlor, Politeia's Director, explains that more grammar schools are needed, not more rules.

Britain’s education ministers have launched class war on the grammar schools. Until now their ‘crime’ has been to select pupils on academic grounds, admitting only the brighter children who pass the entrance at 11 plus. Now the claim has been made that grammar schools also favour the well off – those whose parents pay for extra cramming by private tutors.   

Low Pay — Better Than No Pay?

Friday 13th June 2014: As Mrs Merkel’s Coalition prepares to introduce a minimum wage, the focus will be on how to maintain German competitiveness, says Chris Chope MP.

This week a cross party group of German parliamentarians visited London to learn more about the introduction of the minimum wage, a policy to which Mrs Merkel's Coalition is committed.

A Question of Identity

Friday 6th June 2014: Last night the Conservatives held Newark in a tough by-election fight. But the results show that voters are switching in their thousands to UKIP. Professor Tim Congdon CBE explains that though the newcomer may seem brash, its goal is noble. It will now be for the prime minister to clarify the status of Britain vis-a-vis the EU.

What kind of Europe do the British people want to have as their neighbour? And what kind of Europe does the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, want if the Conservatives win the next general election?

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