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Cuts in the Courts System - Shrinking the Magistrates' Courts or the Courts Service?

What policy will best promote a 'big society'?

On Wednesday 16th March Stanley Brodie QC and David Howarth, an academic lawyer and former Lib Dem Shadow Justice Secretary, discussed the Coalition's plans to cut around one third of the magistrates' courts. They considered such questions as:

  • Will the plan meet the government’s aims of reducing costs?
  • How can cutting magistrates’ courts be consistent with promoting the voluntary sector and the 'big society'?
  • What will the consequences of change for justice and the courts system be?
  • What alternative solutions are there?
  • How should the government proceed to promote its own aims and ensure access to justice?

To view details of this event, click here.

The EU Bill, the UK and British Sovereignty: With whom will power lie?

Speaking at Politeia Martin Howe, QC and Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP consider the new EU Bill.

Jacob Rees-Mogg suggests the measure...

  • Makes European integration more difficult for politicians to push through.
  • Needs some improvement, e.g. the phrasing of the sovereignty clause.

Martin Howe, who proposed the sovereignty measure, considers:

  • How far the EU Bill will promotes the government’s aims?
  • What other steps are needed so that EU law-making is accountable to parliament?

Watch the rest of the seminar.

Read Jacob Rees-Mogg's speech to the Commons on the EU Bill and the sovereignty clause.

Read Martin Howe's Politeia pamphlet Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Bill for UK Constitutional Rights in the EU.

Politeia would like to thank BPP for supporting this event.

Human Rights Debate

As the UK Government bows to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and prepares to give offenders the vote, Politeia’s next author explains voting rights are not human rights:

Jailbreak: How to Transform Prisoners' Training

Jon Trigg, Mark Lovell & Carolyn Altounyan
July 2010
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Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, has announced that more prisoners will be trained to find a job on release. In that way re-offending will be cut. But, says Politeia’s new study, the system itself must be transformed if the policy is to be effective. The authors, who themselves have turned prisoners’ lives around, explain the obstacles to be tackled and propose the way forward.

2010 Events Round-up

2010 Events Round-up

This year saw Politeia running flagship conferences, lectures and seminars which tackled a wide range of issues, from public services, fiscal policy and economic growth, to defence, transport, education and constitutional issues.

December Martin Howe QC and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP discussed William Hague's Bill to protect British sovereignty - as exists in other EU member states.

November Schools Minister Nick Gibb took up the proposals in Latin for Language Learners. His address reflected the change of direction on language teaching policy shown in last week’s White Paper, The Importance of Teaching.

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