Energy, Transport and the Environment

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Recent Publication - Nuclear Options

Nuclear Options: Powering the Future

Professor Roger Cashmore
David Mowat MP 
Dr Simon Taylor

Energy costs are now centre-stage in the policy debate at Westminster as both government and opposition promise to tackle rising costs. But if energy is to be affordable in the longer term, a secure supply of energy is needed. So too is a variety of sources. For that, says Politeia’s Nuclear Options: Powering the Future, nuclear will be needed.  

Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government

By Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Martin Vickers MP, Zac Goldsmith MP, James Morris MP, Jason McCartney MP, John Stevenson MP, Craig Whittaker MP, Fiona Bruce MP, Simon Reevell MP, David Mowat MP.

May 2012

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If the UK is to recover and flourish, then the state must do less and individuals must have the freedom and responsibility to do more. That’s the message from a group of ten new MPs who explain how this can be done for Politeia in Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government.

From the very system of government to whether the UK will have enough energy to keep the lights on, this country suffers from too much of the wrong government. Its failings have led to malaise which inspires contempt for those who govern; damages our justice system, leaves young people unemployed and untrained to pay their way through life, and hinders our businesses. The authors* show how by trusting people more and government less, by allowing greater freedom under law, change for the better can occur.

2010 Events Round-up

2010 Events Round-up

This year saw Politeia running flagship conferences, lectures and seminars which tackled a wide range of issues, from public services, fiscal policy and economic growth, to defence, transport, education and constitutional issues.

December Martin Howe QC and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP discussed William Hague's Bill to protect British sovereignty - as exists in other EU member states.

November Schools Minister Nick Gibb took up the proposals in Latin for Language Learners. His address reflected the change of direction on language teaching policy shown in last week’s White Paper, The Importance of Teaching.

Reviving Rail – What Strategy for Success?

Chris Green
January 2008
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