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Politeia's Justice Series

Politeia's new Justice Series will consider the issues that are central to the provision of fair and effective justice for all. In a series of lectures, conferences and publications, the Justice Series will consider:


The use of juries in the justice system. The Attorney General the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP will address Politeia in December

The disclosure of evidence in criminal trials

The closure of magistrates' courts. Stanley Brodie, author of The Cost to Justice, will revisit the damaging

The Financial Sector and the UK Economy: A competitive future under the rule of law

Politeia's forthcoming volume, The Financial Sector and the UK Economy: Regulation, a Free Market and a Competitive Future,  was launched on Monday 22nd July at the Guildhall, City of London.


Britain's financial sector matters to the UK economy: its successful
evolution owes much to a competitive model operating under the rule of law. Since the 2007/8 crisis and the developments which followed, that model has been questioned. Governments and regulators in the EU and UK aim to prevent a recurrence.

Will the new regulatory superstructure work, for the sector in particular or the economy in general?

Politeia's new volume The Financial Sector and the UK Economy: The Danger of Over-Regulation, addresses this question. A group of leading economists warn against the consequences of the wrong rules. They consider the principles for successful regulation, analyse the current and proposed arrangements; and point out the implications for the successful working of the economy and where policy should change.

The UK and the EU: What principles should guide re-negotiation?

Politeia's Breaking the Mould series continues with an address by Martin Howe QC on 25th June.

Across the European Union, the problems posed by the Eurozone crisis and the growing dominance of EU government over national states have prompted growing proportions of voters to question the EU project. Here in Britain, as the Prime Minister prepares to renegotiate the UK's formal relationship with the EU, some cabinet colleagues warn that things can not remain as they are. 

On 25th June, Martin Howe QC*, the author of Saving Sovereignty, will speak at Politeia's Breaking the Mould series. He will consider the questions for the UK in approaching a new deal with the EU:

  • What principles should guide the UK during negotiations?
  • What areas of mutual interest, if any, should be covered in addition e.g. to the aim of free trade in goods and services?
  • What legal and constitutional framework would be best for the UK's national interest?

Politeia’s Breaking the Mould Series focuses on some of the questions central to Britain’s future success at the heart of how we are governed.

*Martin Howe QC is a barrister specialising in European Law and Intellectual Property Law and author of Politeia’s Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Bill for the UK Constitutional Rights in the EU.


Is the DfE’s Maths Curriculum on the Right Track?

Mathematics is one of the three core subjects of the National Curriculum. The government has now published its draft for the primary mathematics curriculum. The aim is to raise the standard of mathematical attainment and ensure high levels of competence in basic skills among primary school pupils. But will it succeed?

Professor David Burghes*, author of Politeia’s Primary Problems: A First Curriculum for Mathematics, welcomes the proposals in general, but explains there is room for higher expectations and improvement in the DfE curriculum. On Thursday 13thJune Professor Burghes spoke at Politeia to discuss his detailed response to the official proposals. He considered how the mathematics curriculum can achieve its aims, what changes are needed and what the implications for teaching are.

Breaking the Mould - An invitation to join Politeia's debates with leading backbench politicians

Douglas Carswell MP leads the debate on change at Politeia on 4th June

As people, across the UK, seem increasingly disenchanted with big party politics, is it sensible to look to Westminster for change? Many MPs are themselves concerned at the trend in parliamentary government.

In the coming months, Politeia’s new series, Breaking the Mould, will feature a group of leading backbench politicians. They will focus on some of the questions central to Britain’s future success and at the heart of how we are governed. 

The first event was on Tuesday 4th June when Douglas Carswell MP spoke on the question Has “Osbrown Economics" Failed?

Douglas Carswell has been Member of Parliament for Harwich and then for Clacton since 2005. He is an advocate of political reform and has been outspoken on a wide range of issues including localism, criminal justice, and the European Union.


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