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Dumbing Down the Law— 
The SRA Proposals for Legal Training 
By Professor Anthony Bradney,
in response to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. 
Publication: Thursday 11th February
Britain’s legal services attract business from across the world. Not only is the UK’s legal system seen to be fair, effective and reliable. But the legal profession’s knowledge, professionalism and quality of work guarantees the high standards under which the law operates. Indeed, as Politeia's new study by Anthony Bradney explains, evidence commissioned in 2013 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, concluded that the present system for qualifying to become a solicitor worked well.   
However, Professor Bradney warns in Dumbing Down the Law - The SRA Proposals for Legal Training, all this might now be the victim of arbitrary change.

New Politeia Publication: The British Bill of Rights

The British Bill of Rights - Protecting Freedom Under the Law
Jonathan Fisher QC

Publication: Monday 7thDecember 2015 
The new Conservative government is set to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. In Parliament, amongst the legal profession and in the country, a lively debate has opened.
In Politeia’s new study, A British Bill of Rights: Protecting Freedom Under the Law, Jonathan Fisher QC explains why the Human Rights Act 1998 has failed despite Britain’s rich common law tradition of individual rights and liberties. The British people do not trust the present legal arrangements under the Human Rights Act. As the author argues:
A domestic instrument which reflects Britain’s legal and historical heritage, culture and contemporary values will, if properly drafted, give the people of Britain a document in respect of which they can feel a sense of ownership and pride.

Recent Publications - Highlights


Pensions and Savings Publications

Paying for the Future:

              Working Systems for Pensions and Healthcare
                    Dr Ludger Schuknecht
         Matthias Dauns
          Dr Werner Ebert

Introduce Competition and Contribution for Successful Healthcare and Pensions! Changes Needed if UK is to Meet Rising Demand.

Western societies are ageing. As people live longer, the ratio of workers to pensioners continues to shrink. At the same time the costs for healthcare and pensions are rising.

Can governments meet growing need and balance the books while encouraging economic growth?

 The UK Government Spending Ratio:
                                            Back to the 1930s?
                  David B Smith​
As the debate over reductions to Government spending ratios looks set to dominate the electoral campaign, Politeia’s analysis by the economist, David B. Smith, considers what the figures for public spending really are.

Recent Publication - Nuclear Options

Nuclear Options: Powering the Future

Professor Roger Cashmore
David Mowat MP 
Dr Simon Taylor

Energy costs are now centre-stage in the policy debate at Westminster as both government and opposition promise to tackle rising costs. But if energy is to be affordable in the longer term, a secure supply of energy is needed. So too is a variety of sources. For that, says Politeia’s Nuclear Options: Powering the Future, nuclear will be needed.  

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