The British Bill of Rights

Jonathan Fisher QC,
Devereux Chambers, Temple
The new Conservative government was returned in May having pledged to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. In Parliament, amongst the legal profession and in the country, a lively debate has opened.
Some people are concerned about the future protection of human rights in this country; some about the role the European Court of Human Rights will play in the new system; others at the status of the European Convention, signed by this country in 1950 and ratified by Parliament the following year. We are told that Convention rights will be adopted in the new Bill of Rights, although other questions remain open. Are there any Convention rights which will not be included, and if so, which ones? Are there any additional rights which should be protected?

Professor David Ormerod

The Law Commission’s Codification of Sentencing
Professor David Ormerod QC,
Law Commissioner for Criminal Law and Evidence  
On 19th October 2015, Politeia's series with BPP University A Free Society Under the Rule of Law, was addressed by Professor David Ormerod QC, Law Commissioner for Criminal Law and Evidence, on The Law Commission’s Codification of Sentencing.
The Law Commission's project on the Codification of Sentencing Law was launched in January 2015.  It aims to bring clarity and transparency to this complex area of the law.
As an illustration of the current programme of law reform at the Law Commission Professor David Ormerod QC considered the Codification of Sentencing Law, the significant impact this will have on the efficient operation of the courts, and the public benefit it will bring.

Keeping Britain's Lights On: Energy Security and Government Policy

On Tuesday 30th, 1.00-2.15pm, at the Conservative Party Conference Fringe, Politeia will host a panel discussion on Keeping the Lights on: Energy security and Government Policy


Speaking will be:

Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP, House of Commons Energy Committee

David Mowat MP, PPS in BIS/Cabinet Office

Gabe Winn, Corporate Affairs Director, Centrica Energy

Malcolm Grimston, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London

This event is kindly sponsored by Centrica Energy

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