May 2014 Event: The Australian Pension System: Paying for the Future, with the Hon. Nick Sherry

On Monday 19th May, Nick Sherry gave the third lecture in Politeia's 2014 series, Paying for the Future.

The Budget returned pensions to the centre of the economic agenda. While the Chancellor's plan to liberalise access to private pension pots has been welcomed, the real debate has yet to take place. Can the state pension be sustained at the levels now envisaged? Britain, like other western economies faces increased costs to pay for demographic change.

May 2014 Event - The Constitutional Framework for a Future Settlement

On Tuesday 13th May, Martin Howe QC gave the first lecture in Politeia's 2014 series, The UK and the EU: What principles should guide re-negotiation? 

Britain's relations with the European Union have moved to the centre of the po­litical stage. While many people support the principles on which free trade with the EU rests and want such arrangements to continue, they are concerned at the increased dominance of the EU in national life.

Recent Event - The Swiss Pension System and Germany's Reform Plans with Professor Lars Feld

On Thursday 3rd April, Professor Lars Feld* gave the second lecture in Politeia's 2014 Economic series, Paying for the Future: Contributory or Tax funded Systems?, focusing on the Swiss pension system and Germany’s current proposals to reform its system.

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