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Politeia's latest publications

Ruling the Ruler: Parliament, the People and Britain’s Political Identity

Ruling the Ruler?  Britain’s legacy of political freedom will change post-referendum politics, says next Politeia pamphlet

Publication: Monday 20th June

Ruling the Ruler: Parliament, the People and Britain’s Political Identity

For many people, the EU referendum is about ‘Who should rule Britain?’. That question, says Sheila Lawlor, Politeia’s Director in Ruling the Ruler: Parliament, the People and Britain’s Political Identity, has been the key to Britain’s political evolution over centuries. 

As Dr Lawlor, a British political historian explains, the freedom to decide the laws of the country, and hold the executive, whether king or government to account, has marked this country out for centuries, reinforced by the separation of powers.

Failed Forecasting: The Treasury, the EU and Britain's future

Failed Forecasting

How Treasury distorts Brexit figures


The Treasury’s breach of political neutrality in the EU referen­dum campaign struck many as ill advised. Far worse, however, is its breach of economic fundamentals.

Publication: Wednesday 8th June

Flawed Forecasts: The Treasury, the EU and Britain’s future

As Professor Patrick Minford explains in Flawed Forecasts, the Treasury, the EU and Britain’s future, not only do the Treasury’s methods fail to stand up to academic scrutiny, but the public has been deceived by it costing a damaging worst case option in their imagined post Brexit scenario. Indeed in mimicking the establish­ment ‘consensus’, the Treasury neglects the true options, the true benefits and the true costs. These, explains Professor Minford, would be considerable.

The EU: An Idea whose time has passed by Roger Bootle

Leading economist calls time on the EU project. If it continues, the European economy will never flourish, says Roger Bootle

Image result for EU and UK economy

Publication: Wednesday 1 June

PDF  The EU: An idea whose time has passed

The economic claims from both sides in the EU referendum debate have left many people puzzled about what would happen either way. Roger Bootle, one of Britain’s leading economists, agrees there are uncertainties both ways. But, as he explains in Politeia’s next publication The EU: An idea whose time has passed:

Trading Truths? The Treasury, Trade and the City by John Redwood

Trading Truths?

The Treasury, Trade and the City

Poor Track Record on Forecasting, mars Treasury and Bank of England Credibility. John Redwood explains where the authorities are getting things wrong.

Publication: Immediate


As the EU referendum debate focuses on the economy, the spotlight has switched to Her Majesty’s Treasury and its strident backing of ‘Remain’. This intervention, says The Rt Hon John Redwood MP, in Politeia’s new publication for its Referendum Series, explains that not only is the intervention unwise, but it is misleading, particularly on the specifics of trade and the city.

First the foray into forecasting by both Treasury and Bank of England raises questions about their track record in forecasting. In three of the most recent significant developments, both have failed to get things right, explains Mr Redwood:

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