Politeia's argument's on charity law upheld by tribunal

The Independent Schools Council (ICS) has won its case and the Charity Commission has been obliged to change its guidance on 'public benefit'.

The tribunal followed Peter Luxton's argument that the Charities Act of 2006 did not change the meaning of 'public benefit'.

Peter Luxton argued his Politeia pamphlet in Making Law? Parliament versus the Charity Commission that the 2006 Act does not change the interpretation of public benefit under law. The tribunal's ruling has now vindicated his argument.

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UPDATE 17 May 2012

Dame Suzi Leather has stepped down from her position as Chair of the Charity Commission.

Following the publication of Making Law Politeia Director Sheila Lawlor wrote an open letter to Dame Suzi Leather, warning that the charity commission's interpretation of the law would undermine charitable work in the UK.

The debate was continued in a number of newspapers. The reports are available to read here.