Latin for Language Learners

Chris Pelling & Llewelyn Morgan
June 2010
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Latin has been squeezed out of the curriculum and recently excluded from the plan for foreign languages at primary school. Unless the trend is reversed English education will be poorer. In Politeia's new publication Latin for Language Learners, Professor Chris Pelling and Dr Llewelyn Morgan explain the advantages of learning Latin. It facilitates learning other languages and helps raise standards across the curriculum.

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With thanks to Friends of Classics, a number of whom signed in support of this publication including:

Mary Beard (Professor of Classics, Newnham College, Cambridge)

B.M. Bell (Minimus Project)

Colin Dexter (Author, Inspector Morse series)

Ian Hislop (Editor, Private Eye)

Tom Holland (Author, Rubicon and Persian Fire)

Bettany Hughes (Channel Four)

Tim Hunter Whitehouse (Headteacher, Benthal Primary School, Hackney)

Lorna Robinson (Director, Iris Primary School Latin Project)

Jack Shoulder (Teacher, Edmund Waller Primary School, Lewisham)

Tom Stoppard OM (Playwright)