Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government

By Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Martin Vickers MP, Zac Goldsmith MP, James Morris MP, Jason McCartney MP, John Stevenson MP, Craig Whittaker MP, Fiona Bruce MP, Simon Reevell MP, David Mowat MP.

May 2012

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If the UK is to recover and flourish, then the state must do less and individuals must have the freedom and responsibility to do more. That’s the message from a group of ten new MPs who explain how this can be done for Politeia in Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government.

From the very system of government to whether the UK will have enough energy to keep the lights on, this country suffers from too much of the wrong government. Its failings have led to malaise which inspires contempt for those who govern; damages our justice system, leaves young people unemployed and untrained to pay their way through life, and hinders our businesses. The authors* show how by trusting people more and government less, by allowing greater freedom under law, change for the better can occur.

Politeia’s Director, Sheila Lawlor, welcomes the essays. If the UK is to prosper economically, it must prosper socially. Not only should the state reduce its exorbitant tax and public spending levels, but it should abandon its monopoly of the services on which people and the social capital of this country depend. Dr Lawlor adds:


Too many people suffer from the problems highlighted here – businesses have been squeezed by penal tax and employment costs; school-age children are denied the education or training needed for a better life; lawlessness is treated as a matter of ‘cautioning’ rather than dealt with by the magistrates courts, many of which have been closed. Meanwhile the creeping power of unelected officials has made central and local government seem impervious to the people. Here, by contrast, Jacob Rees-Mogg and his co-authors suggest that the solution to many of the problems with which we contend today will be found by individuals taking the initiative and government playing its part in setting them free to do so.


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