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Lessons from History - Appendices

In Lessons from History: Freedom, Aspiration and the New Curriculum Robert Tombs argues that the school history curriculum as it currently stands fails pupils. In his pamphlet, he analyses the problems and proposes a new approach.

In the online appendices, three historian, Professor Tombs, Professor David Abulafia and Professor Jonathan Clark, each offer examplary curricular for history, to demonstrate how the principles in Lessons from History could be put into practice.

Lessons from History: Freedom, Aspiration and the New Curriculum

Robert Tombs

April 2012

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 England’s school history is in a sorry state. Not only has it become a ‘minority’ subject at GCSE; but even among those who do choose it, too many leave school without a grasp of the sweep of their country’s past. So argue Robert Tombs and his co-authors in Lessons from History: Freedom, Aspiration and the New Curriculum.

The system fails to teach a broad range of British, or for that matter, European, history. The same few topics tend to be repeated over and over again. GCSE history demands too much specialization, with little attention paid to chronology or the context of change over time.

Pupils know little, and understand less, of the background to fundamental concepts. The exam system fails pupils by placing too much emphasis on ‘skills’ over knowledge, and a convoluted and erratic mark scheme often leaves candidates and teachers demoralised.

Crises Managed: Monetary and Fiscal Frameworks for the Future

Michael Bordo and Harold James
December 2011
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Economic Policy has become dangerously politicized, warn Politeia's authors Michael Bordo and Harold James. Effective controls are needed to prevent inflation, spiralling public debt and public spending.

Working Lives: Making Welfare Work

Chris Grayling 

September 2011
In one of its most radical policies, the government is to use public money to pay cash bounties to private providers for helping the unemployed get back to work. Employment Minister Chris Grayling sets out the policy in Politeia's lastest publication.

The Cost to Justice: Government Policy and the Magistrates' Courts

Stanley Brodie


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Magistrates have been at the heart of the justice system for over 600 years, dispensing justice at the local level and binding people to keep the peace. They do their work for free. The arrangement should be seen as a model for a 'big society' and the voluntary service which the Coalition seeks to promote.

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