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Politeia's latest publications

More Gain than Pain: Consolidating the Public Finances

Philipp Rother, Ludger Schuknecht and Jürgen Stark


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Across the world economies face unprecedented levels of public debt.  Moves must be made to balance the books. Most economists agree that fiscal consolidation will, in the long term, be beneficial. It will bring economic growth, helping to restore the fiscal position. But fears remain for the short term on Keynesian grounds: consolidation could prompt an adverse impact on demand and so damage economic recovery.

Populism and Democracy: Politics in the Public Interest

John Marenbon


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In Populism and Democracy: Politics in the Public Interest, John Marenbon, a fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, argues that populism is now the dominant force in British politics. But most people recognise it as a bad trend, which often leads to decisions damaging to the people’s best interests. Dr Marenbon explores the fine line that divides populism from democracy, and explains how populist measures are often justified as democratic. 

Jailbreak: How to Transform Prisoners' Training

Jon Trigg, Mark Lovell & Carolyn Altounyan
July 2010
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Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, has announced that more prisoners will be trained to find a job on release. In that way re-offending will be cut. But, says Politeia’s new study, the system itself must be transformed if the policy is to be effective. The authors, who themselves have turned prisoners’ lives around, explain the obstacles to be tackled and propose the way forward.

Latin for Language Learners

Chris Pelling & Llewelyn Morgan
June 2010
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Latin has been squeezed out of the curriculum and recently excluded from the plan for foreign languages at primary school. Unless the trend is reversed English education will be poorer. In Politeia's new publication Latin for Language Learners, Professor Chris Pelling and Dr Llewelyn Morgan explain the advantages of learning Latin. It facilitates learning other languages and helps raise standards across the curriculum.

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Pension Reckoning: Paying for Public and Private Pensions

Charles Cowling
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Author Charles Cowling explains that not only are too few individuals saving, or saving enough; but even for successful pension schemes in the public and private sectors, the story is of soaring, possibly unsustainable, costs. He explains how the pensions system can be overhauled and future cover for the retired be secured. Clear steps are set out for three pillar reform.

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