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Politeia's latest publications

Poverty or Prosperity: What Tax is Best for a Flourishing Economy?

Vito Tanzi, Irwin Stelzer, Peter Birch Sørenson, Dennis Snower, Deepak Lal, Alessio Brown, Arij Lans Bovenberg, Sheila Lawlor
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What policies will reverse the UK’s decline and restore fiscal good sense? Should taxes rise, or will public spending cuts resolve the problem? Now the emphasis is on cuts, where should they begin and how big should they be? In Politeia’s new book, Poverty or Prosperity, leading economists set out the principles for a long-term recovery and the changes needed if the rising costs of our society are to be met.

Safeguarding Sovereignty: A Bill for UK Constitutional Rights in the EU

Martin Howe
January 2010
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Martin Howe QC, a Queen's Counsel specialising in European Law, examines the constitutional basis of UK sovereignty. He explains that ultimately Parliament is sovereign. However, the state of affairs over the years since the Treaty of Rome has become less certain and assured. He explains why, before considering the steps needed to ensure that the constitutional basis of UK sovereignty is entrenched.

Providing for Pensions: Principles & Practices for Success

Theresa May
March 2010
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Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, sets out the case for a radical overhaul of the pensions system. She reflects the view of many in the pensions profession that the misguided policies of the past decade have taken a heavy toll. Occupational pensions are in sharp decline, the proportion of employees with defined benefit schemes has also fallen dramatically, while for over 12 million jobs there is no pension provision. Mrs May explains the steps now needed to reverse the trend.

Pension Reckoning: Paying for Public and Private Pensions

Charles Cowling
July 2010
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Author Charles Cowling explains that not only are too few individuals saving, or saving enough; but even for successful pension schemes in the public and private sectors, the story is of soaring, possibly unsustainable, costs. He explains how the pensions system can be overhauled and future cover for the retired be secured. Clear steps are set out for three pillar reform.


Liam Fox - The Armed Forces, NATO and the EU

Liam Fox MP
Spring 2010

Politeia has published Dr. Liam Fox MP's Address entitled The Armed Forces, NATO and the EU: What should the UK's role be. He sets out the UK's three main priorities as co-operating with European neighbours, strengthening ties with NATO and safeguarding bilateral arrangements with other countries.

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