Legal Subscriptions

We are now offering a special subscription package to the legal profession so it can keep in touch with discussions and developments on policy and also make its own voice heard at informal exchanges with politicians and Whitehall at our events. Politeia’s work spans a wide policy spectrum, from general policy to specialist legal areas, including:

The Constitution ║ Charity Law ║ Justice ║ Media Law ║ Employment policy

The EU ║ Tax ║ The economy ║ Education ║ Philosophy of politics

The legal subscription package provides legal professionals with greater and more immediate access to Politeia's programme, in addition to all the benefits regular subscribers receive. Politeia produces 7-10 publications yearly, and hosts 20+ lectures and conferences on a broad range of policy areas. They are widely reported and regularly lead to comment and analysis nationwide. Our council includes leading politicians from across the three political parties.

Why subscribe?
For £100 a year, legal subscribers receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to lunchtime policy meetings with academics, journalists and MPs
  • Priority invitations for you and your guests to our conferences, lectures and receptions with journalists, academics, politicians and business leaders
  • Hard copies of all our publications on release
  • Hard copies of publications from our back catalogue on request
  • Regular updates on our research programme and press reports

To set up annual subscription payments (you can cancel at any time) please click the button below: