Tax and the Economy

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Realistic Recovery: Why Keynesian Solutions Will Not Work

Vito Tanzi

July 2012

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News of a 0.7% fall of UK GDP for the three months ending June have triggered fresh demands for a further ‘Keynesian stimulus’ and the injection of fresh public funds to stimulate the economy. But Politeia’s Realistic Recovery: Why Keynesian Solutions Will Not Work, explains that this would be the wrong course. The author, Professor Vito Tanzi, a former Fiscal Affairs Director at the IMF in Washington, shows why this is.

Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government

By Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Martin Vickers MP, Zac Goldsmith MP, James Morris MP, Jason McCartney MP, John Stevenson MP, Craig Whittaker MP, Fiona Bruce MP, Simon Reevell MP, David Mowat MP.

May 2012

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If the UK is to recover and flourish, then the state must do less and individuals must have the freedom and responsibility to do more. That’s the message from a group of ten new MPs who explain how this can be done for Politeia in Freedom, Responsibility and the State: Curbing Over-Mighty Government.

From the very system of government to whether the UK will have enough energy to keep the lights on, this country suffers from too much of the wrong government. Its failings have led to malaise which inspires contempt for those who govern; damages our justice system, leaves young people unemployed and untrained to pay their way through life, and hinders our businesses. The authors* show how by trusting people more and government less, by allowing greater freedom under law, change for the better can occur.

Crises Managed: Monetary and Fiscal Frameworks for the Future

Michael Bordo and Harold James
December 2011
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Economic Policy has become dangerously politicized, warn Politeia's authors Michael Bordo and Harold James. Effective controls are needed to prevent inflation, spiralling public debt and public spending.

After the Financial Crisis: What are the Interactions between Fiscal and Monetary Policies?

The UK policy to cut public spending is seen by all sides of the political spectrum to be necessary and urgent.  But what impact will other developments at home and globally have on the UK's fiscal policy?

On June 13th, Professor Harold James, the financial and economic historian, was at Politeia considering developments in the US, European and UK economies. He discussed the issues which will shape western economies' decisions on tax and spending.

To find out more about this event, click here.

Government Versus the Markets

The battle to restore the UK’s public finances has gone hand in hand with public service reform.  But is the UK ready to consider the steps needed for a prosperous future and good public services? What changes does this country face in common with other western economies in a global market?

Speaking on Monday 23rd May,Professor Vito Tanzi, Director of Fiscal Affairs at the IMF from 1981-2000, explained the principles for a policy for prosperity and growth.

To Hamish McRae's report on this event in The Independent, click here.

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