Tax and the Economy

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Government Versus the Markets

The battle to restore the UK’s public finances has gone hand in hand with public service reform.  But is the UK ready to consider the steps needed for a prosperous future and good public services? What changes does this country face in common with other western economies in a global market?

Speaking on Monday 23rd May,Professor Vito Tanzi, Director of Fiscal Affairs at the IMF from 1981-2000, explained the principles for a policy for prosperity and growth.

To Hamish McRae's report on this event in The Independent, click here.

Where Next for Japan's Economy? Are there lessons for the UK?

On Wednesday 18th May Politeia and the Embassy of Japan co–hosted a special meeting to consider developments in the Japanese economy and the implications for the UK and globally. Speaking was Kosuke Motani, author of the bestselling The Silver Tsunami, or Japan’s Non-monetary Deflation(2010) and Head of Regional Development in the Development Bank of Japan. Mr Motani also advises the Japanese government on reconstruction in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster.

To find out more about this event, click here.

More Gain than Pain: Consolidating the Public Finances

Philipp Rother, Ludger Schuknecht and Jürgen Stark


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Across the world economies face unprecedented levels of public debt.  Moves must be made to balance the books. Most economists agree that fiscal consolidation will, in the long term, be beneficial. It will bring economic growth, helping to restore the fiscal position. But fears remain for the short term on Keynesian grounds: consolidation could prompt an adverse impact on demand and so damage economic recovery.

2010 Events Round-up

2010 Events Round-up

This year saw Politeia running flagship conferences, lectures and seminars which tackled a wide range of issues, from public services, fiscal policy and economic growth, to defence, transport, education and constitutional issues.

December Martin Howe QC and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP discussed William Hague's Bill to protect British sovereignty - as exists in other EU member states.

November Schools Minister Nick Gibb took up the proposals in Latin for Language Learners. His address reflected the change of direction on language teaching policy shown in last week’s White Paper, The Importance of Teaching.

Poverty or Prosperity: What Tax is Best for a Flourishing Economy?

Vito Tanzi, Irwin Stelzer, Peter Birch Sørenson, Dennis Snower, Deepak Lal, Alessio Brown, Arij Lans Bovenberg, Sheila Lawlor
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What policies will reverse the UK’s decline and restore fiscal good sense? Should taxes rise, or will public spending cuts resolve the problem? Now the emphasis is on cuts, where should they begin and how big should they be? In Politeia’s new book, Poverty or Prosperity, leading economists set out the principles for a long-term recovery and the changes needed if the rising costs of our society are to be met.

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